Naughty Boy teases new song with Beyoncé


Outside of a number of bonus tracks, last fall’s deluxe edition of 2013’s Beyoncé, and guest spots on recent tracks by Nicki Minaj and Michelle Williams, Beyoncé has stayed relatively quiet since she, well, pulled a Beyoncé in December 2013. She’ll add another admittance to that sparse output Thursday, if the British producer Naughty Boy—known for his Sam Smith collab “La La La” and to fall out with Zayn Malik—drops a song featuring Queen Bey and Arrow Benjamin.

Naughty Boy is tweeting nonstop Wednesday morning in regards to the track, titled “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” and shared single artwork, lyrics, plus a 15-second snippet containing melancholy piano and typically soulful Beyoncé lyrics.

Check your teaser below, and turn into tuned for updates around the song which, if Naughty Boy’s Twitter countdown is accurate, should premiere sometime around 7 p.m. ET Thursday evening.

Policemen attend father-daughter dance with girl whose dad died in line of duty

Responding to an exceptional call for help this month, six cops attended a father-daughter dance with 8-year-old Jewel Warren, whose father, Memphis, Tennessee, cop Tim Warren, died inside line of duty four years ago.

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Tim Warren was shot and killed in July 2011, when he answered a domestic incident in downtown Memphis. Since then, his widow, Betsy, and youngsters, Jewel and James, are already coping with the aftermath.

So it’s a given that when the 8-year-old girl was invited with a Sept. 4 father-daughter dance, she was “at a loss of revenue,” according to some post for the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page.
A Memphis policeman dances with Jewel Warren, whose father was a police who was killed inside the line of duty next year.
In a feat to comfort her daughter, Betsy Warren contacted Taylor Amen, who’s the wife of any Memphis cop, and Donna Kirk, who’s a widow of an Memphis firefighter along with the founder of Our Fallen Heroes Foundation, which benefits groups of first-responders.
In addition for the six Memphis police who donated their time for it to join Jewel Warren, local businesses donated goods and services towards the cause.
Kirk connected Betsy with several Memphis Police Department representatives, who passed on the request to officers. Six cops volunteered to go the event with young Jewel, and a lot, if not completely, displayed a few dance moves over the way.
Several people the Memphis Police Department joined 8-year-old Jewel Warren for the dance floor.
“We know we can’t replace Tim, but we are able to be there for his family as needed,” Officer Amen, whose first name hasn’t been included inside Facebook post, said in the statement. “It was actually a honor.”

Amen’s colleague, referenced as Officer Pfeil, added, “It was an honor to be able to wait this event and help keep Tim’s memory alive.”

In your firm stand out posted towards the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page, a police officer who attended the father-daughter dance with Jewel Warren said, ‘We know we can’t replace [her father] Tim, but we are able to be there for his family if we are needed.’
But the show of support didn’t end with local police. Area businesses donated flowers and photography towards the cause, plus a regional police association donated money for Jewel’s dress and transportation. According to Memphis PD, “[Jewel] received long stem roses from each officer, and was even capable to catch a ride [for the dance] in the classic 1972 Cutlass Supreme.”
Amanda Swain, a photographer who donated her services on the Warren family, told it absolutely was ‘truly an honor’ to photograph the festivities.
Amanda Swain, who donated her photography services on the event, told via email that that it was “truly an honor” to capture the feeling. “Jewel’s smile spoke volumes,” she said. “These officers, some [of whom] may also be dads, enjoyed themselves tremendously.”

“They certainly made sure that night are not forgotten,” Swain added. “I know I won’t forget it, and I’m positive Officer Warren smiled a couple of times as he looked on from above.”